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Semper Fi Family

Semper Fi is a Latin term, which simply means ALWAYS FAITHFUL. It is a motto that has been famously used by the United States Marine Core since 1883. If you were to ask a marine they would tell you that it is more then a motto, it is a way of life. Simper Fi distinguishes the Marine Core’s bond from any other. It goes beyond teamwork and better describes the commitment that you would see in a family. Semper Fi guides Marines to remain faithful to their mission, to each other and their country, even to the point of death.

So what can we learn from this type of commitment? As leaders we need to be as equally committed to our family. The marines are committed to leave no man behind. We have to live like this as leaders of our home. Even though there may be conflicts with your child or wife you can’t leave them behind. Semper Fi! Something is wrong when you are more committed to your job and your boss then you are your family members. Something is wrong when i can muster the strength to honor my boss who I may or may not like but I struggle to honor my mate and children.

Statistics show that when we are happy at home we are more productive at work. We are often looking for work/family balance. When we should be looking for Family/ work balance. We must remain faithful to our family. Semper Fi! Do whatever it takes to maintain your relationship your family because it is the true test of leadership. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself if you want to be a work place hero and a family zero?

Marines will go back to the line of fire to save a lost fellow solider. Yet many fathers and mothers will leave their kids emotionally injured and wounded on the battlefield of the streets of our cities. Could it be that we live in a time when parents have become more faithful to their jobs then they are to their own families? Semper Fi.. Not sometimes faithful but always faithful. It is non-negotiable commitment to the family.

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